AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture

Be the change you want to see in the world and help create a more sustainable environment

Horticulture is the foundation of a healthy environment and is responsible for a wide range of core functions including food security, soil health and farming practices.

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Turn your love of nature into a successful career

A Certificate III in Horticulture is the ideal starting point for those looking to start a career in this sector. Qualified graduates are highly sort after by nurseries, farms and parks and gardens services.

Turn your green thumb into greenbacks in your wallet

There are a wide range of career pathways in both the Government and private sectors for Horticulture professionals .

This industry recognised qualification will provide you with the hands on skills and technical knowledge to confidently undertake and manage a variety of Horticulture programs across different specialisations within the industry and opens up opportunities for further study in this sector.

What you’ll learn

Certificate III in Horticulture will assist you with developing the skills to maintain and manage parks and gardens.

Core subjects

  • AHCPMG302 – Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
  • AHCWHS301 – Contribute to work health and safety processes
  • AHCPMG301 – Control weeds
  • AHCPCM302 – Provide information on plants and their culture
  • AHCSOL303 – Implement soil improvements for garden and turf areas

Elective subjects

  • AHCWRK309 Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
  • CPPCLO3037 Clean external surfaces
  • CPPCLO3020 Pressure wash and clean surfaces AHCCHM303 Prepare and apply chemicals
  • AHCCHM304 Transport, handle and store chemicals
  • AHCMOM304 Operate machinery and equipment
  • AHCPCM301 Implement a plant nutrition program
  • AHCPGD304 Implement a landscape maintenance program
  • AHCTRF303 Implement a grassed area maintenance program
  • AHCWRK305 Coordinate work site activities 
  • AHCWRK311 Conduct site inspection

Elective units are subject to change.

Career opportunities

  • Horticulture Assistant
  • Beekeeper
  • Horticulturist
  • Senior Crop Worker
  • Senior Nursery Worker
  • Senior Packer
  • Senior Picker
Graduates of this course achieve excellent career outcomes.
of graduates were satisfied with their training
of graduates enjoy improved work status such as promotion or higher pay
is the average salary earned by graduates entering their first full time job after graduating
* Information provided by myskills.gov.au

AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture

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Funded: Not Applicable

Funded Traineeship: Not Applicable

Course Duration: Approximately 12 months
Delivery Mode Options: Classroom | Online | Workplace | Combination of above
Attendance Requirements: This course has mandatory attendance requirements. Please refer to the individual course information sheet
Vocational Placement: Not applicable for this course.